Instructions for Research Project Submission Document Application


·         Application for Research Project (Institutional Ethics Committee) will be accepted by the Staff & Research Society of LTM Medical College & General Hospital from Monday to Friday (excluding College holidays) from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

·         All complete Research Project Applications, Communications, Amendments, Dissertation/ Thesis Applications, Principal Investigator Change Requests received on or before the 10th of each month will be discussed in the scheduled IEC meeting. If the 10th is a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday the previous working day shall be the last day for the submission. Application received after the 10th of the month will be discussed in the IEC meeting of the subsequent month.

·         Application to Research Project can be submitted only by the faculty of the Institution except in case of thesis / dissertation submissions.

·         Any Research Project submitted to the SRS and IEC will have to be proposed by a " Principal Investigator". The Principal Investigator must be a faculty of LTMG Hospital & Medical College except in Thesis / Dissertation submission.

·         It is mandatory for the Research Project to have a Co – Investigator. AT least 1 co investigator has to be from the faculty of Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College. In case of Dissertation / Thesis the Guide of the student shall be the Co investigator.

·         “The proposal should be neatly typed in automatic or Black font ( except the areas to be filled by SRS Office ) in double space, paginated  and  submitted as per the Research Project Submission Document ( as per the check list given below ) along with the Research Project Document Check List  ( as per given format )  specified by the Staff & Research Society. The check list will be the first page of the document submission.”

·         “The Sponsor name ( if applicable ), the Abbreviated Trial Name, Principle Investigator Name  shall be incorporated as footnote on each and every page of the Research Project Submission document” 

·         The Research Project Submission Document format can be downloaded from the Website under the Research Link in Ethics Committee sublink. 

·         Four  hard copies & one soft copy should be submitted to the S.R.S. office in a Cardboard Office File Only with suitable tags to demarcate the various parts of Research Project Submission Document 

·         Instructions are provided in the relevant forms. Please write "NOT APPLICABLE" against the column which is not necessary. 

·         Investigator may see the copy of prototype kept in the S.R.S. office before filling up the from (Sample copy) or on the website 

·         Incomplete Research Project Submission Document will not be accepted by the SRS Office

·         The Principal Investigator or his/ her representative must be present when the project is discussed by the Institutional Ethics Committee for clarifications if required.

·         In the event of approval of the proposed project:

i. Project should be undertaken for the full period for which sanction has been granted.

ii. Projects approvals will be granted for a maximum period of 1 year only . In case the projects are of longer duration, the PI will have to apply as a communication to the IEC at least 2 months before the end of the year from the time the clearance is granted.

iii. Six monthly project report & expenditure report should be submitted to the S.R.S. office.

iv. Final report should be submitted within 2 months of the completion of project.

v. The assistance given by S.R.S. / Silver Jubilee Research Foundation should be acknowledged in any published account of work for which the grant is given. Two copies of the reprint of the paper must be submitted to S.R.S.

·         In case of externally sponsored research projects 10% of the total project – cost will go the S.R.S. exclusive of TDS deducted.

·         The Research Project Submission Document must have the following in the order given below. The list below forms the comprehensive Research Project Submission Document Format Check List which the Principal Investigator shall complete and attach as the first page of the Research Project Submission Document. This will be checked by the SRS Office at the time of acceptance of the Research Project.

Research Project Submission Document check List


Page Heading

Pg.  No. 

PI Chk




Communications and Amendments  Dispatch Noting  Page ( 1 blank page with heading ) *





IEC Agenda & Minutes of meeting noting Page ( 2 blank Pages with heading ) *





Xerox copy of Research Project Application Fee Receipt (as issued by SRS Office )*





Acknowledgement Form in given SRS format *





Title Page in given SRS format *





Brief Curriculum vitae of Principal Investigator (max 2 pages) *





Covering Letter in given SRS format *





Joint Undertaking by  Sponsor ( if applicable ) &  Principal Investigator in given SRS format *





Project Index Page in given SRS format *






Project Format







Project Summary in given  SRS format *







Research Project Application Form in given SRS format *







References *







Project specific Patient Information Sheet (3 languages) *







Project Specific Informed Consent Form (3 Languages) *







Project Specific Case Record Form / Questionairre / Patient Diary *







Additional Documents  ( as applicable ) see Index Page format







Insurance Cover  * ( compulsory for sponsored Projects )






Project Closure Letter  in given  format *





Entire Document submission ( except Documents submitted under " Additional Documents") on a CD  *– Word Format 2003 with Abbreviated Project Title, Sponsor name & PI written on the CD by a permanent marker pen.




·         All fields marked with * sign are compulsory submissions.

·         “Given SRS Formats” formats standardized and downloadable from the institutional website under the link “Research” under “Downloadable Forms.” These forms are made available as .pdf files and  .docx files.

·         Applicants are directed to use the .docx file version while preparing the Project submission as it can be edited.

·         The .pdf file are to be used as reference.