The Department of Radiology at LTMMC and LTMGH is nationally renowned for its patient service, teaching and research activities. The department offers extensive diagnostic imaging services as well as body and neuro-interventional procedures. With the expertise and vast experience of our faculty members and dedication of resident doctors, the department strives for excellence in patient care, teaching and research.
We cater to the needs of a large number of patients belonging to the city as well as those hailing from different parts of the country. An astonishing volume of imaging studies is performed in the department (approximately2 lakh X rays per year, more than 50000 Ultrasound scans per year, more than 20000 CT scans per year and more than 5000 MRI scans per year). Exposure to a wide variety of pathologies, along with didactic teaching of the residents makes our radiology residency program highly coveted and we pride ourselves in producing excellent radiologists.
The Radiology department currently boasts of two fully functional multidetector CT Scan machines- 64 slice multidetector CT Scanner & 160 slice multidetector CT Scanner, Two functional 3T MRI Scanner, a biplanar DSA machine, more than 10 High end gray scale and Color Doppler machines, CR and DR machines and multiple portable X-ray, and a DR Fluoroscopy.

Apart from routine ultrasound, the department is performing procedures like fetal 2D echo, 3D & 4D USG, contrast enhanced ultrasound, penile Doppler, Elastography, ARFI scanning, MSK ultrasound and sono-mammography.

In CT, apart from routine scans we also image the coronary circulation, do virtual imaging like CT Bronchoscopy and CT Colonoscopy, CT Enteroclysis, CT Myelography etc. are performed.

In MRI, musculoskeletal imaging, Cardiac MRI, brachial plexus imaging, prostate imaging using liver specific contrast medium, whole body MRI and employing newer techniques like spectroscopy, perfusion MRI and tractography for lesion detection and characterization. We also perform advanced like MRI elastography and functional MRI.

In DSA, we perform numerous life and limb savings interventions including mechanical thrombectomy for acute stroke, thrombo-aspirations, TIPSS, BERTO, bronchial artery embolization, GI embolization, plain and drug coated balloon angioplasty, stenting and atherectomies on emergency basis. We also perform many vascular and nonvascular Hepatobiliary, Urological, vascular malformation, CKD interventions and Tumor embolization/ablations on routine basis.

We also have installed HIFU (for treatment of fibroids, breast adenoma, and prostate lesions) and state of the art Digital Mammography with Tomosynthesis.