The Surgical department was among the first to start after 1947, with hundred surgical beds. It was headed by Dr. Chitnis. There were seven residents only, who not only did surgical work, but also Dental, Orthopaedic and E.N.T work. Then, later on other specialities were started with increase in number of residents, lecturers and tutors. Today there are 216 General Surgical Beds, 15 Trauma Ward Beds, 14 Burns Ward Beds, 11 Paying ward Beds. At present, Prof. Dr.Mohan Joshi is the Head of the Department.

The Special Services offered in the department of surgery are;
  • Trauma
    The trauma care unit was started in 1974. Then the Head of Department Prof.Dr.S.V.Nadkarni was In-Charge of the trauma ward. There is a resuscitation area, ICU and OT all in close proximity to each other. Portable x-ray and USG machine available in the unit. 24 hour blood bank, emergency lab and Radiology provide excellent support for immediate care. Orthopaedic, Plastic, Neurosurgery, Urology, CVTS and the Anaesthesia department work in close collaboration with the department of surgery to cater the acute trauma patients. Every year about 3,000 critically injured patients receive treatment at this unit. Dr Prabhakar and Dr Vineet Kumar are in charge of running the trauma unit. Dr Vineet is also in charge of conducting Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) courses on behalf of American College of Surgeons once in three months. 
  • Burns
    Started in 1983, it is the one and only general surgery run, burns unit in the entire country. The Unit is recognized both nationally and internationally under the able stewardship of Dr.Mrs. Madhuri Gore. Banana Leaf Dressing, Skin Bank with the ability to procure and store cadaver skin grafts are some of the research work and achievements of this unit. Every Year about 600 patients receive comprehensive care at the burns unit. Currently Dr Ranjeet Kamble and Dr Chetan Rathod take care of the Burn unit.
  • Cancer Chemotherapy Services is conducted under the guidance of Prof.Dr. K.S.Sethna
    Cancer Chemotherapy Services was begun in 1984 by Dr S.V.Nadkarni and then was taken over by Dr Meena Kumar till 2008. Since then Dr K.S.Sethna has been in charge. The services are once a week and they see 60-70 patients including new and follow ups. 30-35 patients receive chemotherapy every week. 7-8 patients are admitted in the ward for the chemotherapy drugs which go on for 2-3 days. 
  • Gastroenterological Surgical Services
    Gastroenterological Surgical Services include Basic and Advanced Diagnostic as well as Therapeutic Endoscopies including OGD scopy, Colonoscopy and ERCP. Procedures for Bleeding, varices, ulcers, strictures and biliary stones are routinely performed. Metallic stents for various GI cancers including complex biliary metallic stenting are carried out by highly trained Faculty members under the guidance of Dr. Mohan A Joshi and Dr. Minakshi Gadhire who have decades of experience in this field. Dr. Samir Rambhia and Dr. Vishwajeet Pawar, Assistant Professors in the Department are both Qualified Advanced Endoscopists who along with Dr. Minakshi Gadhire as Endoscopy in-charge manage the Endoscopy services. The Department is now expanding its services to provide Endoscopic Ultrasound facility on a regular basis with the addition of Trained Faculty.
  • Vascular Doppler Clinic
    It was started in 1990 by Dr.Mrs. Madhuri Gore. Here we are offering comprehensive care for varicose veins & associated problems. Doppler ultrasound, sclerotherapy and endovenous laser therapy (EVLT) for varicose veins all is done here. The treatment is very economical & for all patients giving them an option of the recent technological advances for varicose veins. Dr Devbrata Adhikari and Dr Pallavi Shambhu are in charge of the vascular Doppler clinic.