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a) Nature of Bones and Joints – A new perspective, with Dr. M. L. Kothari & Dr. L. A. Mehta Journal of Post Graduate Medicine. 1990, 36, 3, 143-146 b) Bones are Inlays joints Disjointed from them Dr. M. L. Kothari, Dr. L. A. Mehta & Dr. M. Natarajan

National Journal

Understanding Anatomical Terms with Dr. L.A. Mehta & Dr. M. L. Kothari Clinical Anatomy 9:330-336.1996 Cited in Clinical Anatomy 20:332-337,2007 Latin and Greek in Gross Anatomy Sean B Smith, Stephin W. Carmichel, WojethPawlwa and Robert

Dr. M. Natarajan - International Journal

1. “The morphometric study of third ventricle and diencephalon by computed tomography” The Indian Journal of applied basic medical science,10th July 2012 , volume 14B19, Page no. 475. 2. The aberrant renal vessel at lower pole of kidney: a case

Dr. Pritee Meshram Dr. S.S. Hattangdi

1 Congenital Malformations in still born fetuses. International journal of recent trends in science and technology 2014, vol11, Issue 3, 549. 2 Anencephaly and its Associated Malformations, J Clin Diagn Res. 2014 Sep; 8(9): AC07–AC09.

Dr Ravikiran A. Gole, Dr. S.S. Hattangdi

3. Some interesting morphological Features of Liver lobes in Mumbai Population. International Journal Medical Research Health Science June 2014,3(3) : 656-659. 4. Aberrant cleido-occipitallis cervicalis muscle compressing external jugular vein.

Dr. Deepak Khedekar ,Dr. S.S. Hattangdi

1. ‘Cytogenetic study of leucocyte culture in multiple pregnancy loss in Mumbai’International Journal of genetics, 5th April 2012, Volume 4, Issue 2,Page no. 80-84. 2. Some interesting Facts of Human Spleen in Mumbai Population Maharashtra, India.

Dr. Deepak Khedekar ,Dr. S.S. Hattangdi

1.Dermatoglyphic study in Diabetes Mellitus. Published in Indian Journal Of Anatomy,volume 5,number 1- January –April 2016. 2.Clinical and cytogenetics study in primary amenorrhea: Indian journal of A

Dr. Vinayak Kulkarni

A book titled “Notes on Living Anatomy” Bhalani Publishers, June 2012

Dr. Jayaben Charania

Item analysis of Multiple choice questions given to First Year Medical Students – concept building and MCQs has been published in International journal of Humanities and social sciences, Issue December 2015 volume. The journal is indexed in Index Cop

Dr. Jayaben Charania

1. ‘46 XY Disorder of sexual development in menstrual dysfunction’Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology of India, 16th October 2012 doi:10.1007/s13224-012-0303-0. The journal is indexed in Pubmed.

Dr. Jayaben Charania