Facilities & Infrastructure

Facilities and Infrastructure

The Gastroenterology department of the Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Hospital specializes in the clinical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of the diseases of the digestive tract, liver, biliary system and pancreas

The department is reputed and provides excellent clinical services and quality academic and research work.  The department has published around 125 articles in reputed national and international journals. The department is located on the first floor of college building. The Department has excellent endoscopy facilities. It conducts OPDs on Wednesday and Saturday morning. It also conducts the Liver clinic on Monday afternoon and IBD clinic on Saturday morning. Around 5500 endoscopies are being done every year in our department. These include,

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic gastroscopies,
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopies,
  • Therapeutic ERCPs, and 
  • Diagnostic & therapeutic EUS
  • Capsule endoscopy
  • Fibroscan
  • 24hr pH monitoring
  • Colonic transit time studies

Diagnostic and therapeutic gastroscopies –

  • Variceal Band ligation
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Glue injection of fundic varices
  • Achalasia balloon dilatation
  • Esophageal stricture dilatation
  • Esophageal stent placement
  • Foreign body removal
  • Polypectomy
  • Argon plasma coagulation
  • Hemoclips for bleeding ulcer
  • Percutaneous Endoscopy Gastrostomy

Diagnostic & Therapeutic colonoscopies:

  • Biopsies from colon masses
  • Biopsies for diagnosis of abdominal TB
  • Colonic polypectomy
  • Colonic stricture dilatation
  • Bleeding per rectum

Therapeutic ERCP includes:

  • Sphincterotomy
  • CBD stone extraction
  • CBD stenting
  • Pancreatic duct stenting
  • Pseudocyst drainage
  • ESWL
  • Minor papilla duct drainage

Diagnostic & Therapeutic endoscopic ultrasound:

  • EUS guided pseudocyst drainage
  • EUS guided FNA of various masses
  • EUS guided CBD and PD puncture 
  • EUS guided gastric varices coiling

Specialty OPDs

  • General gastroenterology OPD Wed & Sat 8.30 to 12pm OPD 27
  • Liver Clinic Thurs 8.30 – 11am
  • Pancreaticobiliary OPD Mon 1.30 – 3.330pm 

Intercollege Departmental meeting

  • Tumour board meeting with Surgical Oncology, Gastroenterology and Radiology
  • GI Pathology meeting